Uncle SAM speaks on Education and Child Development
About Gods Own Kids Preschool and Nursery

n inquisitive little art form in motion, a child is a unique work of God. A wonder of nature, who keeps us constantly delighted. In a child’s pure abandon, plays none other than Mother Nature Herself. It is with this vision to holistically integrate myriad elements of Nature with education that has given birth to God's Own Kids, in short, GO KIDS.

GO KIDS is a sprawling green, warm and homely ambience preschool and nursery at Kochi and Kannur, where through a primary focus on a child's imaginative and artistic faculties, his or her greater learning of the world and blossoming in to a loving, responsible and free thinking being is gently nurtured and revealed. Where a child’s fantasies and his latent abilities are allowed to dwell in the wondrous revelations of arts, plays, dance, music, crafts and the enlightening world of Nature herself.

Do you remember that as a child, you could easily understand, learn and talk about ideas and subjects which were closest to your heart? Much like a cricket enthusiast who would know all the names of the world's cricket teams by heart, along with their tickling life details?

GO KIDS, the first Rudolf Steiner inspired nursery cum kindergarten and preschool located at Kochi and kannur, expands the fondness of young minds for child-plays, arts and nature recreational activities in to the dimension of learning, so that not only does imbibing and grasping of early educational concepts, take place naturally in the supple minds of the children but their love for learning and knowing grows rich as well. We truly believe that a jewel is concealed inside each child; it needs love and nurturing to make it shine forth. Our goal is not accelerated intellectualism but responsible and caring wisdom for the new age world.

Kid learns about animals and birds around him
At Gods own Kids preschool teacher guides a kid to construct simple shapes
Gods own kids learning from their teacher at the nursery in Kochi