t God's own Kids, GO KIDS the emphasis is on experiential education. Children are encouraged and involved in activities which will give them practical experience and vital feel of the world of natural textures, shapes and designs around them. By engaging them in activities like gardening, baking, cooking, painting, decorating, clay modeling, crafts, paper and wood work, their extra-sensory abilities are activated in ways which strengthen and develop their neuro-brain system, exemplify eye-hand co-ordination and brings out the creative genie in them.

The experiential education acts as a bridge for a child to use his imagination in ways that may not have been thought of or experimented with before.

"The only thing an intelligent child can do with a complete toy is take it apart, but give an incomplete toy in the same little hands and expect them to use their imagination, in an experience to create."

When children relate what they learn to their own experience, they are self-motivated, interested and alive, and what they learn becomes their own. Waldorf inspired schools are designed to foster this kind of learning.