How is 'God's own kids' GO KIDS different from other pre-primary schools?

The fastest-growing independent school movement in the world today is the Waldorf Education. God's own kids, GO KIDS is an evolutionary school of our times, whose aim is to keep the innocence and the wonder of early childhood intact. We aim at a style of schooling which is more like a home, where early childhood is honored, not hurried through and where concepts are not "taught" in the conventional sense but are subtly brought to the young minds in an inspirational and loving way. At GO KIDS, children are not pushed too hard to learn, but are given plenty of time to play, create and imagine. An arts rich approach to disseminate the elementary education makes it different from the other schools.

In Waldorf schools, reading and writing are taught quite late. Will that not keep my child behind the times?

It is true that at Waldorf schools in west, reading and writing is taught much later, in grade one or at the age of seven. At GO KIDS, a Waldorf inspired pre-school, reading and writing are an important aspect of our schooling but not the initial focus. The universe of children's education here consists of crayoning, drawing, painting with water colors, music, forming circles to sing, dance and enact, chop veggies for their soups, dipping their hands in dough to bake chocolate chip cookies, musical dance, gardening, creating hand-made dolls or dirtying hands in sand. At the centre of this universe, learning how to read and write unfolds naturally, at the liking of a child.

Through poems, rhymes, finger games and songs the children develop their abilities to speak and listen, develop a sense for the beauty of language and expand their vocabularies. Listening to stories, watching puppet shows, and participation in dramatic play strengthen the power of memory and the imagination. Similarly, counting games and rhythmic activities build a solid foundation for arithmetic and number skills, while the various practical tasks help children develop co-ordination and the ability to concentrate.

Are Waldorf inspired schools similar to the Montessori system of schooling?

Montessori education was started by Ms. Maria Montessori, the first female doctor in Italy. A physician and an educator, Maria too believed in the educating the whole child - body, mind and soul. Like Waldorf, Montessori too believes in nature as a great learning tool. But that is where most of the similarities end. Where Montessori stresses a lot on intellectual growth of the child and introduces various methods to enhance it, Waldorf minimizes its need in early childhood. Instead of intellect, Waldorf emphasizes on nurturing the imagination and creative powers of a child. In Montessori, diverse learning materials and tools are used to teach early educational concepts, whereas Waldorf uses arts rich activities, free plays and domestic tasks to keep the natural wonder and creativity of young ones alive.

What will be the qualities of a GO KID. who passes Kindergarten?

A GO KID will be a joyous and a soaring free thinking being, with a highly developed sense of aesthetics. For him there will be no limits to his thinking mind, willing hands and expanding heart. A GO KID will not just be limited to the world of alphabets and letters but will be capable of igniting the various arts rich forms as a means to greater explorations, creativity and discoveries. A GO KID will be nurtured not to think in the box but to think out of it, not to limit learning to just passing exams but to be a lifelong learner. A GO KID will be as much responsible, loving and compassionate as he/she will be capable of being a leader.