have a deep fondness for children and it has been my constant endeavor and passion to provide nothing, but the very best for them, across cast, colour, creed or nationality. I believe that the best way to build a mighty nation is by providing the right education and right guidance at the right time.

As a tribute to the nation and to the God's own kids, I have been striving hard to design a curriculum, relevant to all, which inspires children to value themselves, fosters a deep sense of belonging to the community and at the same time empowers children to operate as independent learners and thinkers. After several years of persistent explorations pertaining to the education system and collecting insights from the visionaries and experts in the sector, I have set out to establish a new curriculum that colligates the best of the old school with the most innovative of the new streams and proven concepts in education.

'God's own kids' lovingly called as GO KIDS, by our children, is the fruit of that long cherished dream and hard work. As parents, I invite you to come forward and join hands with me in ushering this unique education movement found on the principles of free thinking, love for all, wisdom and universal consciousness.