t GO KIDS, it is not just a Head to Head Education. The focus and emphasis is as much on the heart and hands of children. Waldorf education system believes that in the early childhood stages, a child absorbs and relates to the world around him not only through his brain but through his entire body. Along with the task of "thinking", the child's "feelings", "emotions" and "will" also need to be supported and strengthened. All are not only inter-connected but also inter-dependent.

The heart of the child, the life of feeling, is nourished through subjects of art and nature. A happy heart that revels in nature and loving surroundings will become a mine of creative gems. Waldorf stresses that a happy heart and head derives its "will" power from physical activities. Therefore, a child's fingers, hands, arms and the entire body is purposefully engaged and tested in different tasks and activities, so that their willpower is cultivated and their resilience triumphs in all areas of life.

This integration brings out a much needed balance and harmony in a child, who is still trying to devise cohesive means to juggle the demands of the world around him.