hy is a child's world of imagination so important? May be the answer lies in the ancient Sanskrit verse. "Aja Graha Anjama" means when the force of the unborn comes into the world, the world changes.

A child's imagination is his or her wings. The vaster the imagination and stronger the will, greater are the horizons he or she can achieve. Would this not be true for Albert Einstein or Nicole Telsa or our won APJ Abdul Kalam as well? It was with an unhindered access to the potent worlds of imagination and with their strong convictions, that these great men were led to discoveries and inventions which changed the course of history of Mankind. Notice the wonder and curiosity of your child when he looks at the world around him through the prism of his unique imagination. The impossible manifests as possible.

We, at GO KIDS, behold this wonderful aspect of early childhood as one of the basic foundation, for nurturing a child to his or her highest potential. Free play, movements, rhythms, music, dance, make-believe, phonetics, reciting, storytelling and the rich canvas of languages, are used in diverse ways so that a child's fantasy worlds, his or her mental imageries and concealed talents, find outward expression in the real world.

Rudolf Steiner emphasised that a child's imagination holds the key to his or her greater discoveries and inventions in the field of science, art and spirituality. So, at GO KIDS, we embrace a child's imagination, because it is the imagination that will fuel the love of learning in him or her, at all stages of life.