Lower Kindergarten - 3.5 years to 4.5 years

Progressing with age, by now the child's thinking and questioning abilities have expanded much more. His/Her hands and his/her fingers now have increased dexterity, enabling to take on more challenging tasks. Here, the focus builds up on the creative and artistic side of the child's learning along with practical application of it. The rhythm built up in nursery is accentuated with drawing, painting, crafts, clay modeling and vocabulary rich exercises. Oral and written dissemination of fundamentals of elementary is increased with age.

LKG Rhythm

Morning Prayers
Chopping, Cooking and Baking
Outdoor Plays, feeding birds and animals
Rhymes, Verse, Poems and Singing
Oral and written education, Drawing, Painting and Colors
Free plays, Music and Dance
Circle, Movement and Enacting
Crafts, Doll Making, Puppetry and Knitting
Festivals and Celebrations
Clean up, Tidying up and Arrangement