t God's own kids, GO KIDS , children's playing objects and toys are carefully chosen from the wide array of natural and hand made products. Wood blocks, driftwood, pinecones, coconut and pine leaves, sea- shells, fruits and nuts that grow in abundance at our school farm, stones, rocks, fibres, cloth, threads, paints are relished as play things by the children. Young children live in their senses and nothing feeds the senses better than nature.

At GO KIDS, the play objects are introduced to tiny tots and young ones in a half finished or in an undefined state. This is done deliberately so that the initiative taking and imaginative faculties of a child could be honed. The less finished and the more suggestive a toy may be, the greater its educational value, for it enlivens the imaginative life of the child. The toy could have a resemblance to a soft cloth doll with a minimum of detail in face or clothing, lengths of colored silk or cotton for costuming or house building, which the child completes or creates using his or her imagination.

Inter-related products of nature are introduced to the children, so that they can perceive the wholeness of nature. That in nature all links are interdependent and inter-cordinated, which in turn creates harmony, balance and completion. In this way, children at GO KIDS not only celebrate nature but are also challenged to learn and create from it.