Nursery - 2.5 years - 3.5 years

Nursery is the time when your little one has become more relaxed and confident of himself/herself and his/her surroundings. Our nursery at GO KIDS is a beautiful sanctuary where children feel at home and are free to explore, play and learn in a pre-scheduled manner. The rhythm of the day is balanced between the "breathing in" time : the quiet attentive focus time and " breathing out" time : the lively active play, meaningful social interaction and purposeful work.

Nursery Rhythm

Morning Prayers
Chopping, Cooking and Baking
Outdoor Plays, feeding birds and animals
Rhymes, Verse, Poems and Singing
Oral Learning and Vocabulary
Free plays, Music and Dance
Circle, Movement and Enacting
Crafts, Doll Making and Puppetry
Clean up, Tidying up and Arrangement