hese words of Steiner encapsulate our vision perfectly. Our vision is to sow the seeds of universal consciousness of reverence and harmony in each child we receive, nourish and water them with tenderness and love, allow them to grow in the abundant sunshine of our accomplished school environment, so that they blossom in to free thinking beings endowed with dynamism, creativity and compassion.

We believe that every child comes in to the world to bring something to it, something special and unique just like him or her, we enable him or her to find it within and without. We ensure that education does not become a trap for over intellectualism. Intellect has a valuable function to perform in a child's growing up, but burdening and trapping a child's innocence and vast resource of creativity in intellectual learning is not the goal of God's own kids, GO KIDS. Instead, along with the love of learning and building intelligent capacities in our children, we emphasise on creative educational modules which allow their moral and spiritual forces to blossom as well. At GO KIDS, we honor each child's individuality, gently usher him on to the path of clear and free thinking and instill in him creative and ethical values and consciousness. Our vision is to make our children mini-creators in their own rightful capacities.