RHYTHM : The cosmos and human life functions on rhythm. Waldorf education believes that a small child lives in the rhythm of his breathing and of waking and sleeping. Therefore, Waldorf education believes in rhythmic arrangement of a child's day, so that his or her daily activities reflect the natural order of life.

At God's own kids, GO KIDS, a symphony of enjoyable child activities are arranged around the clock, which are repeated day after day and week after week. Morning prayer, cooking together, nature walk, gardening, rest time, lighting candles before story-time, singing , enacting and more follow in a beautiful rhythm each day of the week. The tasks and their arrangement is prescheduled for months and remain undisturbed, so that children feel relaxed and know what is coming next.

REPETITION : Rhythms are supported by daily and orderly repetition of tasks like arranging toys, chairs, utensils or shoes. Both rhythm and repetition support healthy neurological development of a child. Rhythm is deeply soothing and makes children feel secure, it's predictability keeps them anxiety-free. When rhythm and repetition is well-established, discipline issues are also greatly reduced and strong and positive habit patterns develop.

REVERENCE : Rhythm acquires a unique quality at GO KIDS because of reverence attached to each act of the children and teachers. The children are gently inspired to view the things and world around them with wonder, gratitude and beauty. Children are not taught but learn through imitation to care for their surroundings, play things, plants and also for their friends and families.