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Academic Excellence requires a great deal of effort. Sometimes great efforts require the guidance of a helping hand. That is where traditional tuition's come in. With the evolution of academic curriculum, changes in the tuition system was inevitable. GO Tuitions is the positive result of one such evolution, which is all set to revolutionize the education system.

The Perfect Start:

GO Tuitionz has been designed to gift your child the edge of a perfect start. At GO Tuitions, it is not just the portions covered at school that your child learns, but an effective introduction to the forthcoming chapters. It is this what really gives your child the advantage of a perfect start. This unique technique not only eases the pressure and the stress of performance in your child, but gives your little one the confidence to race ahead and stay ahead in the curriculum. As you know, the better the confidence, the more will be their interest in the subject.

The Systematic System:

  • A Balanced, Highly Nutritious Evening Snack
  • Peer Support Groups and Reading Club
  • Interactive Games that relieve the days stress and strain
  • Regular Counseling sessions and moral guidance
  • Special sessions to enhance and support the special interests and hobbies of children
  • Monthly talent presentations
  • Emergency late evening Care

Go kids international pre-school

About Us

GO KIDS aims to achieve a wholesome growth of the child by enhancing the mind, energizing the body and enriching the soul